Into the Breach - Men's Study Group

This is a clarion call and clear charge to our brothers in Christ. Men have played a diminished role recently in our churches, our families, and in our communities.  The absence of God in our lives can be seen being played out in society.  We as Catholic men are called to be fathers, role models, leaders, Deacons and Priests.  We are called to stand up for God.  Our families and our Church are depending on us.  Men, do not hesitate to engage in the spiritual combat that is raging around you.  We must be willing to step "Into the Breach” – to fill this gap that lies open and vulnerable to attack.


Beginning July 11th, the Knights of Columbus and Soldiers of Saint Michael the Archangel will be hosting a series of weekly gatherings, open to all Catholic men. (18+) We will be discussing topics such as leadership, brotherhood, sacramental life, and spiritual warfare. 


These meetings will be held each Monday evening (through Sept. 19) at 7pm in the Youth Room at Good Shepherd.  Come join your Catholic brothers and step Into the Breach!


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