Welcome to Good Shepherd Catholic Church. We are delighted to congratulate you on this happy occasion of your child’s baptism. The Sacrament of Baptism initiates your child into the Faith Community of Good Shepherd, and we invite you to worship with us as a family on a regular basis. We encourage all families to get involved in the spiritual life of the parish. 

Contact the office at (916) 684-5722 to make arrangements and register for our baptism class.  For children ages seven and under, parents are required to take the baptism class.  Children eight years old and older must be enrolled in our religious education program (CFF).  More information about CFF.

Please print out the foms below and bring the completed forms to the first night of your scheduled class.

Click here to view/print the Baptism Welcome Letter.

Click here to view/print the Baptismal Certificate Information Form.

Click here to view/print the Godparents' Information Sheet.

Click here to view/print the Godparent Verification Form.