Engaged couples begin preparation a minimum of six months prior to the date of the wedding.  

Please contact the parish office at (916) 684-5722 to schedule.

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Bless These Rings - Pre-Cana Ministry

Congratulations on your decision to marry.  It is wonderful that you have found each other.  We would like to offer you our best wishes and help you to build a strong foundation for this relationship, committing yourselves to a lifetime of mutual love, learning, and discovery. 

What does the title, Pre-Cana, reference?

In the Gospel of John (2:1-12) Jesus and his mother, Mary, attended a wedding in the town of Cana.  It was there that Jesus performed his first Miracle.  In this event the Church sees Jesus’ proclamation of the goodness of marriage.  It is in the Sacrament of Marriage that Jesus Christ blesses and strengthens couples with his powerful presence.

What is the Bless These Rings Program?

This Workshop is intended for couples entering their first marriage (Catholic or Interfaith couples).  We do not intend for this program to be an indoctrination into the Catholic faith, nor is it an attempt to make “converts.”

We will be presenting relevant information on a variety of topics gleaned from married live experiences, not so much to “teach” couples how to be married, but to raise issues they believe need further consideration.  Each topic allows for discussion and activities that will spark future communication between the couples.  The workshops will focus on such issues as communication, spirituality, sexuality, finance, and more.  We encourage you to be actively involved throughout the program.

Bless These Rings is a four-part workshop offered on Thursday evenings in January, May and September.  Attendance at all four sessions is required.  Please contact the parish office to schedule.

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