2018-2019 Parent Workshops

Parents are required to attend a total of 6 Parent Workshops during their child's two year Sacramental Preparation.  This is typically accomplished by attending three Parent Workshops per year of their child's Sacramental Preparation.  Parent Tracking Sheets are to be completed and submitted to the Religious Education Office each year to show fulfillment of this Parent Requirement.

Printable (CFF) Parent Tracking Sheet

Printable (SEAS) Parent Tracking Sheet

Check back soon for the list of Religious Education sponsored Parent Workshops being offered for 2019-2020.  For these Parent Workshops, Step 1: Please sign in before the workshop begins, and STEP 2: Have your Parent Tracking Sheet stamped as "completed" after the Workshop concludes.  Both steps are required to receive credit for the workshop attendance.


The following Good Shepherd Parish Events may be credited as Parent Workshops.  No prior signup is required for these events (unless otherwise stated), but parents will be required get a signature on their Parent Tracking Sheet to prove attendance.  Signatures from Religious Education Staff Members, Sponsoring Ministry Lead(s), or Clergy in attendance at the event are acceptable.  We will TRY our best to have a staffed Religious Education Table available at the qualifying GSCC events to sign your Parent Tracking Sheets.