2022-2023 Parent Workshops

Parents/guardians of children enrolled in sacrament preparation (First Holy Communion and/or Confirmation) are required to complete a total of 3 Parent Workshops during the 2022-2023 catechetical year. 

  • Sign-in or have the Parent Tracking Sheet signed to document your completion of in-person Parent Workshops throughout the year. 
  • The Parent Workshop requirement for 2022-2023 needs to be satisfied and documentation submitted to the Office of Religious Education by April 30, 2023.

Printable (CFF) Parent Tracking Sheet

Printable (SEAS) Parent Tracking Sheet

This year we are offering a selection of online and in-person Parent Workshops. 

  • Only 1 Online Parent Workshop may be used towards the completion of this requirement. 
  • The other 2 Parent Workshops need to be completed from the In-Person options. 
  • Please read & follow the directions carefully in order to receive credit for completion of the Parent Workshops. 
  • Throughout the year, if they become available through the parish or diocese, we may add additional Parent Workshop opportunities to the list.  Please feel free to check back periodically.  


Only 1 Online Parent Workshop may be used towards satisfying the Parent Workshop requirement for 2022-2023

The Online Parent Workshops are pulled from FORMED.org. 

The workshop links below will direct you to the FORMED signup/signin page.  

  • If you have already set up an account through FORMED.org, you will just need to sign in
  • If you are NEW to FORMED.org, you will need to set up an account through GSCC's subscription before you can view the video.  You are NOT signing up for a Free Trial and no credit card/information should be entered - you are creating an account under the subscription already purchased by Good Shepherd Parish.  If you get the request to start a Free Trial, start over at www.formed.org and follow the steps below.

Steps to set up a NEW (FREE) FORMED account:

  • Click the "Signup" button
  • Select "Sign up as a parishioner"
  • Under Find your Parish or Organization, type in "Good Shepherd 9539 Racquet Ct Elk Grove" and click the Next Button then follow the remaining prompts for your name & email, etc.  

Once you are signed in to FORMED, click the link provided below or do a search for the Workshop option you have chosen.  

Option #1:  Changing Sides (Can hearts really be changed on the issue of abortion?)

Option #2:  The New Sexual Revolution:  How to Form Pure Teens by Chris Stefanick (Studies have proven that few factors determine a teen's physical, social, education, emotional, and even financial health as profoundly as their choice of purity or promiscuity.  In this dynamic talk, 14-year youth ministry veteran, Chris Stefanich, shows us exactly what we're up against and how to turn the tides in the culture war for your teen's purity.)

Option #3:  Born to Reveal the Works of God (On Thanksgiving Day, 2018, Stephen Andrew Pope was born, lived for one hour and twenty-eight minutes, and died.  Though his life was short, Stephen reached thousands of people for the Gospel, "Preaching the Gospel always, using words when necessary."  Witness the extraordinary life of the infant that breathed life into a broken community, gave hope to the hopeless, and lived the truth of the Gospel with every breath.)

Option #4:  Venerable Jerome Lejeune:  To the Least of These My Brothers & Sisters (Venerable Jerome Lejeune:  To the Least of These My Brothers & Sisters documents the importance of French geneticist Jerome Lejeune's discovery of Trisomy 21, the chromosomal anomaly that results in Down Syndrome, and his lifelong defense of the dignity of the human person.)



To receive credit for the Online Parent Workshops you need to complete this Google Form.  



To receive credit for the In-Person Parent Workshops sponsored by the Office of Religious Education, please sign in on the sign in sheets provided in the Narthex. 

For all other approved (see below) parish/diocesan Parent Workshops or Events, please have your Parent Tracking Sheet stamped (or signed) by clergy, ministry lead, or event organizer at the end of the event.  

If we include a movie as a Parent Workshop option this year, a copy of your physical ticket stub or electronic ticket printout must be attached to your Parent Tracking Sheet identifying the date and movie title in order to receive credit.  

Upcoming In-Person Parent Workshop Opportunities:

Option #1:  October 17, 2022 from 6:00 - 7:00 PM.  Who Speaks for the Unborn:  What is Proposition 1? with Deacon Rommel Declines (Good Shepherd Church) - COMPLETED
This workshop does NOT require a RSVP/Reservation signup. 
Sacrament Preparation Families:  Please sign the attendance sheets in the Narthex upon your arrival to receive your workshop credit.


Option #2:  November 2, 2022 @ 7:00 PM in Sacramento Theaters.  "Mother Teresa: No Greater Love " Encore Movie (No Rating Provided). 
A copy of your movie ticket stub (or electronic ticket) must be attached to your Parent Tracking Sheet to receive credit.  Attendance at this event counts as 2 Parent Workshop credits.
Description:  Twenty-five years have passed since the death of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, sparking a renewed interest in this spiritual giant of the 20th century.  Filmed on 5 continents and featuring unprecedented access to both institutional archives and the apostolates of the Missionaries of Charity, this film reveals not just who Mother Teresa was, but how her singular vision to serve Christ in the poor continues to be realized through the Missionaries of Charity today.  This is far more than a documentary.  It is at once a soaring tribute to a spiritual icon, a powerful witness of authentic Christian charity, and a guidepost for all who seek hope in our turbulent times. 


Option #3: February 13, 2023 from 6:00 - 7:00 PM.  Lent & Prayer with Sr. Katherine Doyle (Good Shepherd Church). 
Description:  How do we immerse ourselves into prayer in preparation for Lent.  This Parent Workshop offers practical ways to keep prayer at the forefront of our busy family lives to bring us closer to God.  
This workshop does NOT require a RSVP/Reservation signup.
Sacrament Preparation Parents:  please sign the attendance sheets in the narthex upon your arrival to receive your workshop credit.


Option #4:  March 16, 2023 from 6:00 - 7:00 PM.  R-E-S-P-E-C-T...Find Out What It REALLY Means To Me! with Juanita Baier & Gary Hickman. 
Description:  From conception to end of life and everything in between.  Join us for an evening of understanding that real respect begins within us - how we value ourselves and others.  Respect for Life includes our relationship with our spouse, with our children, friends, and yes, even our enemies.  No matter our similarities or differences, every life deserves respect.   
This workshop does NOT require a RSVP/Reservation signup.
Sacrament Preparation Parents: please sign the attendance sheets in the narthex upon your arrival to receive your workshop credit.


Additional In-Person Parent Workshops to be added soon...