COVID Safety at Good Shepherd

Air Purification at Good Shepherd Church

Recently, we installed an air purification system to reduce the presence of Covid-19 and other viruses inside the church, the Father Philip Wells Hall, St. John Paul II room and the Parish offices. Installation was completed on February 26 by our HVAC contractor (Boss Sheet Metal). As part of the contract, Boss will be conducting quarterly maintenance for the next two years to ensure the system is working as designed.


This new system supplements the Church’s other efforts, such as sanitizing, social distancing and wearing of masks to control the spread of harmful viruses. 


The system uses ion technology to chemically treat harmful viruses in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. We reviewed several commercially available systems and selected one developed by Global Plasma Solutions. This technology generates ions that attach to any carbon containing molecules such as those found in bacteria, viruses and odors.  Additional information is available at:


The selected air purification system is an in-duct system that is installed inside our existing HVAC equipment and requires minimal maintenance. In order for the system to be effective, the fans must be operating either with or without the heating or air conditioning. The system does not create any other harmful byproducts.


The installation of this system, renovations to the church restrooms, and other improvements have been made possible by a very generous donation made by one of our parishioners for COVID retrofitting.  We extend our gratitude for this donation which has allowed us to make our church a safer place to come and worship.