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Please see the Bishop's letter to the faithful (link on the right) for the latest update regarding the protocols for attending Mass.  Starting June 18th we will be able to open back up at 100% capacity. Bishop Soto is rescinding the dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass as of June 20th.

It is no longer necessary to sign up for Mass online.

Bishop's Decree Regarding the Revocation of Dispensation

Air Purification at Good Shepherd Church

Recently, we installed an air purification system to reduce the presence of Covid-19 and other viruses inside the church, the Father Philip Wells Hall, St. John Paul II room and the Parish offices. Installation was completed on February 26 by our HVAC contractor (Boss Sheet Metal). As part of the contract, Boss will be conducting quarterly maintenance for the next two years to ensure the system is working as designed.

This new system supplements the Church’s other efforts, such as sanitizing, social distancing and wearing of masks to control the spread of harmful viruses. 

The system uses ion technology to chemically treat harmful viruses in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. We reviewed several commercially available systems and selected one developed by Global Plasma Solutions. This technology generates ions that attach to any carbon containing molecules such as those found in bacteria, viruses and odors.  Additional information is available at:

The selected air purification system is an in-duct system that is installed inside our existing HVAC equipment and requires minimal maintenance. In order for the system to be effective, the fans must be operating either with or without the heating or air conditioning. The system does not create any other harmful byproducts.

The installation of this system, renovations to the church restrooms, and other improvements have been made possible by a very generous donation made by one of our parishioners for COVID retrofitting.  We extend our gratitude for this donation which has allowed us to make our church a safer place to come and worship.


We are happy to inform you that pursuant to a recent Supreme Court ruling, Bishop Soto has given us permission to move Mass inside effective immediately. All Masses for this weekend will be moved inside the Church. At this time, we will be limited to 200 people in attendance. If you have not signed up online, admittance will be on a first come, first serve basis. Be assured that we will continue to observe all safety protocols as required by current health regulations. For those who are able to attend and feel safe, we encourage you to arrive early for Mass and join us. Please also remember that the Bishop's dispensation from attending Mass remains in place. If you are not comfortable attending in person, we invite you to watch our livestream of the 5:00 pm Saturday Mass. Praise God for this wonderful news!


The amended Sacramento County Health Order issued this week moved us back into the State's Purple Tier 1 for allowable activities.  Therefore, all Masses for this weekend will be outside in our worship space on the school blacktop.  Mass times will be as currently scheduled.  Our weekday 8:30 a.m. Masses will also be outside until further notice.  Saturday confessions will be from 3:30-4:25 in the John Paul II Room adjacent to the parish office.  Please line up outside while waiting for your turn for confession.

The Prayer Service for Racial Healing is postponed.

When deciding whether or not to attend Mass, please remember that the dispensation remains in place for all Catholics in our diocese.  If you are unable to tolerate the cold weather conditions, are age 65 or older or have other health concerns, we urge you to stay home and watch our recorded Mass.   

Our tent does not accomodate everyone while social distancing.  Be prepared to sit outside of the tent -- bring your own chairs and umbrellas.

Please continue to watch your email and check our website for updates.  This is an evolving situation and we are working to comply with local regulations while providing you with the opportunity to safely attend Mass and receive the Eucharist. We thank you for your patience and ask that you continue to pray for an end to the Pandemic.


As of October 14th, all Masses will be held inside the church.  We are limited to 100 attendees.  All social distancing requirements remain in effect.



Governor Newsom announced on July 13th the suspension of most indoor activities, including church services, effective immediately.  At Good Shepherd, we have moved our Masses to an outdoor location.  Currently this is on the school basketball court, adjacent to the east side of the Father Phillip Wells Hall.  All other precautions remain in place, including social distance seating, masks, cleaning after Mass and online sign ups.  Please note that not all seats are in the shade so plan accordingly with hats, sunscreen, long sleeves, etc. 

Please continue to check back here for updates as this situation is very fluid and can change day to day.


March 19 Letter From Father Chris

March 18 Letter From Father Chris

Bishop Soto's March 17 Decree 

Bishop Soto's Pastoral Message

An Act of Spiritual Communion

 For those watching Mass who are unable to physically receive Communion today, we pray the following:

My Jesus,

I believe that You are present
in the Most Blessed Sacrament.
I love You above all things
and I desire to receive You into my soul.
Since I cannot at this moment
receive You sacramentally,
come at least spiritually into my heart.
I embrace You as if You were already there,
and unite myself wholly to You.
Never permit me to be separated from You.