Las Posadas

December 18


Posada Poster 2023


GSCC Comité Guadalupano invites you to a Posada Navideña, a night to pray as we remember Joseph and Mary’s pilgrimage through Bethlehem as they searched for lodging.


This is an event for the entire family, where we will pray a bilingual rosary, and sing Las Posadas and other Spanish villancicos (Christmas carols). There will be piñatas, Mexican hot chocolate, pan dulce, and traditional aguinaldos (goodie bags) for the children.


Please check back here to sign up for volunteer and donation opportunities.


“Las Posadas” is a nine-day novena, celebrated in Mexico from December 16 through the 24. Each day, the faithful pray the rosary, do a procession, attend mass, and celebrate with a piñata.  Posadas are usually held in a different neighborhood each night. During the procession, two children usually dress like Mary and Joseph, and the community accompanies them as they go from door to door, asking for lodging through song. All “innkeepers” deny lodging to the pilgrims, except the last ones, who at the end, gladly give lodging to the weary pilgrims. At that time, there is celebration with a piñata, a warm beverage, and something small to eat. Of course, there are plenty of villancicos (Christmas carols in Spanish) to wrap up the celebration.  



More Information

If you want to practice the traditional Posadas song, follow this link.

Number 1 is sung by the pilgrims.

Number 2 is sung by the innkeepers.


If you want to practice some villancicos (Christmas carols) in Spanish, follow this link:


What are posadas?


How posadas originated in Mexico:


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