RCIA (Sacrament Preparation for Adults)

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults process is a series of carefully planned stages, marked by liturgical rites in the presence of the Good Shepherd community, in which new Catholics embark on and join us in a continuing and deepening conversion of faith and discipleship. The RCIA takes the distinctive history and spiritual needs of each person into account.  For more information contact Rich or Sharon Dorricott at sdorricott@frontier.com.  

Good Shepherd Parish RCIA begins in August!  You are invited to join this year’s class of adults desiring baptism, Holy Communion, and/or confirmation, on the road to full reception in the Catholic Church.

Expectations for RCIA Participants
RCIA Application
RCIA Registration Fee Payment

Please email your completed & signed RCIA Expectations for RCIA Participants and RCIA Application forms to Sharon Dorricott at sdorricott@frontier.com. 

Volunteers are needed in many areas to provide support to the RCIA catechumens.  To see how you can serve in this ministry, contact Rich or Sharon at the email above.


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