Amazon Referral Program

SVDP Fundraiser!

We are thrilled to announce our newest fundraiser.  This fundraiser will directly benefit our St. Vincent DePaul (SVDP) Conference with very little effort from you.  All it takes is a slight adjustment in the way you make your online purchases at  

When you use the link below, will contribute 4-6% of any items purchased to our SVDP Conference.  We can best describe this as an e-rebate based on your Amazon purchases of e-books, books, electronics, toys, etc (anything Amazon sells).  When a purchase is made, follow the prompts to complete the transaction through your personal Amazon account and password.

Your personal information and items purchased will not be shared with the SVDP because your purchase is through Amazon's secure site.  Our SVDP will receive a monthly check in the abount of 4-6% of any purchases made during a 30 day period.

Who can participate?  Your Family, Friends, Co-workers, anyone.... just share this Amazon link!