Father Michael's Weekly Reflection

Weekly Reflection - 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time (2023)

[He said to them, "You too go into my vineyard."] (Mt. 20:4)


This is the 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time.  God's ways are not our ways.  The landowner paid the laborer who arrived last to work the same as the first.  We are often troubled by God's dealings with us.  When there is some suffering or contradiction in our lives we are tempted to doubt God's goodness.  Substantial humility is the starting point for us in our spiritual lives.  We must simply let God be God.  We have to acknowledge that we did not create ourselves and submit to a divine plan that many times is beyond our comprehension.


God is God and we are not.  Prayer is our lifeline to Him.  By praying we are able to go up to God and see our life from His perspective.  There is always a silver lining in what happens to us.  God is also the great teacher who instructs by means of what happens in our lives.  We must form the habit of asking ourselves what God is trying to tell us.  


Questions for Reflection: 

  • Do I have a too human way of seeing things? 
  • Do I doubt or question God instead of trusting that His plan is better than our own? 
  • Do I recognize that Christ has all the answers I'm seeking?

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