Father Michael's Weekly Reflection

Weekly Reflection - Fourth Sunday of Easter (2024)

Jesus said:  "I am the good shepherd.  A good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep." (Jn. 10:11)


This is the Fourth Sunday of Easter and the World Day of Prayer for Vocations.  Christ is the Good Shepherd.  He knows his sheep and calls them by name.  The shepherd takes care of the strong but especially sustains the weak.  We need more leaders like Christ.  Clergy to lead the flock but also parents are shepherds of the children entrusted to them.


Christ taught with authority but his style was gentle.  St. Pope John the XXIII said to see everything, overlook much and correct little.  Not everyone is able to understand this pastoral style of leadership.  We urgently need accompaniment in the Church today.  It is not enough to tell someone what the Church teaches without willing to walk with them.  If we analyze our lives, there have been Good Shepherds for us on our journey and in turn we are called to do the same for others.


Questions for Reflection: 

  • Have I encountered the Good Shepherd in my life? 
  • What characteristics of Christ's heart can I learn from in my dealing with others? 
  • Am I willing to accompany others who find difficulty in living out Christ's teachings?

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